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Herbal Teas

 The Story on our Herbal Infuion Blends

                    I start with fresh whole herbs. All of my herbs are sustainably wild harvested in my local bioregion, or naturally grown on the Ancient Herbals farm in Shirland, Illinois. I take great care to nurture the plants from soil and seed to harvest, and after harvest through processing. Every step is done with intention and devotion to bring the whole essence and energy of the herbs to you.

                 All herbs are kept whole, and on the stem, until they are ready to be processed in small batches. This means that I don't make large volumes of any one blend at a time, this is to ensure each order can be enjoyed as fresh as possible. My herbs are also coarsely chopped. This keeps all the plant constituents (nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc.) from oxidizing and losing potency. In contrast, when you buy herbal teas in pre-made bags you usually receive a powdered herbal product that could be over a year or two or three old. I prefer to crush my herbs up in my hands right when putting them into the infusion. I believe in creating the most potent infusion blends in order to provide you with the greatest wellness and support opportunities for your whole being.


                   All of our herbal tea blends contain herbs from the current growing cycle. If we run out of an herb before the next seasons' harvest I make a note to grow or gather more of it in the following season. Different seasons bring different harvests. For example, this year, due to very little rain, the Linden blossoms did not mature well enough, and in enough volume that I was able to harvest them. It was unfortunate, but also a lesson in changing weather patterns and learning to adapt to the shifting climate. I will substitute other herbs to make up for Linden blossoms absence, and hopefully nest year we will have an abundant harvest. 


                 There is no caffeine in any of my herbal blends. Keep the herbal tea in a dark cool place and use within one year of purchase. You can also transfer it to an airtight glass container. The herbal blends come inside a home compostable bag!


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