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What is a Hydrosol?

 Hydrosols are the result of the steam-distillation process. It starts with fresh, organic, plant material. Once harvested we bring it directly to the still for processing. We use either steam-distillation or steam and water distillation together. The heating of the herbs and water creates steam. This steam contains volatile organic compounds and trace elements and minerals from the plants being distilled. This creates a gentle and very aromatic hydro-solution imbued with the plants magical properties. Safe enough to use directly on your skin or to ingest, hydrosols are a great way to experience the freshness and vibrant force of herbs all year long. Our hydrosols are a vibrant, fragrant, and made fresh. All hydrosols currently available are from the 2023 harvest season. 

We use only the freshest herbs grown on the Ancient Herbals farm, and ethically wild harvested from out local bioregion. We ONLY wild harvest from private lands we have open access to. 

For best shelf life keep refrigerated. A cool dark place will do just fine as well. Use within one year of purchase. 

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