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A pleasant smelling and potent hair repair mist made from ethically wild harvested stinging nettle (Urtica Dioica), prairie horsetail (Equisetum pratense), narrow leaf mountain mint (Pycanthemum tenuifolium), and rosemary essential oil.


This spray is nourishing and moisturizing to hair. Making it great for dry, damaged, and weathered hair. It brings a luster and lushness to dull hair, rejuvenating it.


a wonderful source of Silica and minerals, which helps to strengthen your hair.


one of the best sources of plant minerals and nutrients, it helps to revitalize your hair and bring back a nice shine and softness.


The rosemary essential oil helps to stimulate hair growth, and brings a pleasant aroma 


There are a few ways you can use this spray. Right after your shower when your hair is starting to dry you can spray it on your scalp and hair. It is also gentle enough to be used multiple times a day. So anytime you feel you need some refreshment and moisture in your hair you can spray it in. I also like to use it as a detangler before I shower. The only trouble with that is after I use it, I often don’t want to wash my hair because it already feels so good!


Keep refrigerated or in a dark cool place.


Available in 4oz amber glass bottles. In the hot summer months I include a cooling gel pack to insure it comes to you without heat exposure.


Ingredients: Nettle^, Horsetail^,Bergamot^, Rosemary*, Fresh  clean water

^Ethically and sustainably wild harvested by Ancient Herbals




This product has not been approved or evaluated by the FDA. It should not replace medical treatment. Nor is it intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease or health condition. 

Hair Repair Spray

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