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This Restore and Relax blend is perfect for unwinding in the evening. A mix of relaxing nervines and hypnotics, this blend gently welcomes your whole being into a restfull night of sleep. Specially formulated to aid in stress relief, anxiety, restlessness, trouble sleeping, and tension. Extra nutritive so your whole being can replenish from the day. Freshly dried herbs from this growing season ensures a potent, whole plant tea. Safe and gentle enough to add to your everyday routine. 




Ingredients: Holy Basil* (Ocimum africanum), Catnip* (Nepeta cataria) , Stinging Nettle^ (Urtica dioica), Moldavian Balm* (Dracocephalum moldavica), Valerian Root* (Valeriana officinalis)

*Naturally grown in my garden

^Sustainably wildharvested in my local bioregion



Drink in the evening, great for after dinner relaxation or a nice size doseage about half an hour or so before you intend to sleep. I like to give the bag a little upside down shake before i spoon out a serving because the ingredients can settle. Scoop out a heaping teaspoon to  tablespoon or two per cup, depending on personal preference and desired strenght of flavor and medicinal herbal qualities. Start with that and you may decide you like a stronger or lighter blend. Use a tea ball, french press, or any covered glass or ceramic container. The important part is that you steep the infusion COVERED. This keeps the volatile oils from escaping with the vapors.  Cover and steep in hot water for 12-15 minutes. Strain, and Enjoy. My prefered way of preperation is to use a mason jar or glass pitcher that I can cover. I love watching the herbs dance in the water before i strain them off to enjoy my glass. 


Precautions: Not to be taken during pregnancy becuase of Catnip

Restore & Relax

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