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Your face is really going to love this luxurious and all natural face serum. Featuring naturally grown Gotu Kola, Calendula, Spilanthes, St.Johns Wort, and Chamomile from my farm.

Formulated to rejuvenate and restore your skin. 


This serum is anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, toning, anti-oxidant (helps to fight free radicals and damaged skin), Vulnery (aiding in blood circulation and a healthy, clear complexion), reduces redness, helps to prevent and improve acne, and fight bacteria. Helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


It's really a powerhouse of skin loving herbs, and it smells of sweet garden flowers. Aiding the herbs in this formula is Sea Buckthorn, Rose Hip, and Sweet Almond Oil.  


A wonderful oil to use every day in your skin care ritual.


I love using our hydrosol line in conjunction with this serum.


Spray on the hydrosol first, pat in and let dry. Then use about 4-6 drops of the oil on your face. At night I like to add the Love Your Face cream after the oil. Your skin will be left glowing and moisturized!


There are no essential oils, mineral oils, parabens, fragrances, or skin contaminants of any kind in our products. All natural, straight from the earth to your skin care routine. 


Comes in a 1oz amber glass bottle with glass dropper



Ingredients: Spilanthes*, Gotu Kola*, Calendula*, Chamomile*, St.Johns Wort, Cold pressed local Sunflower Oil^, Sea Buckthorn oil^, Sweet Almond Oil^, Rosehip Oil^, Vitamin E oil
*Naturally grown in my garden
^Organic and sustainably sourced



This product has not been approved or evaluated by the FDA. It should not replace medical treatment. Nor is it intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease or health condition. 

Herbal Face Serum

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